Finding Freedom

When I first met Suzie we talked about all the things that I wanted to address, the sticking points holding me back. I felt relaxed in Suzie’s company and I knew she wouldn’t judge me. I could really open up to her so that she could work her magic and help me.
I remember several sessions where my eyes watered from their uncontrollable flickering. Suzie reassured me that it was my brain processing everything that was going on. It was great to experience that and see the session working right there.
We had several sessions covering grief and I remember one in particular. Suzie helped free the lovely memories I have of my late father. They’d previously been blocked by sad and painful recollections of his illness. Now when I think of him, all of these lovely memories come flooding back and these make me smile.
I had a real fear of driving before I started seeing Suzie. I hated driving and I’d do anything not to have to drive. If I had to drive somewhere I’d feel anxious and distracted about it all day. I was scared of driving. After one session with Suzie, feeling quite excited, I got straight in the car. It was like the windows had been made larger and there was more light coming in. I could see so much more around around me. It was bizarre, but I instantly felt more confident and the dread was no longer there. I just took myself off for a drive and it felt so good. Amazing!
I no longer have regular sessions with Suzie, but I know that if anything starts troubling me again and it starts to become a sticking point, I’ll be straight back. I can’t say how much our sessions have helped me. They’ve cleared my mind of negativity and given me confidence in myself to move forward. I thoroughly recommend Suzie – she’s just brilliant!