Mind Sanctuary – NLP Life Coach

MIND SANCTUARY offers NLP life coaching. Working with and training individuals, children, groups & organisations to make positive change. Based in Surrey.

Unlock your potential…

Perhaps you need help to figure out what it is you really want? Maybe you need a helping hand to let go of limiting habits and behaviours,  or to move on from something painful in your past?

Mind Sanctuary is committed to helping you achieve your goals,  dreams and life ambitions,  whatever they might be.

This is personal training for the MIND and the SOUL. Be more of the person you want to be.

Suzie Davis is an NLP Master Practitioner with an Honours degree in Psychology.

NLP,  Neuro Linguistic Programming,  is an effective and positive applied Psychology,  which gives you the tools and knowledge to make powerful changes in your life that will make a real difference to you.

Together we will crack it!

Call 07881 787171 or email suzie@mindsanctuary.co.uk